Clubhouse/Lower Pool & BBQ Areas
Rental Fees and Policies

Clubhouse Rental Fees:

GuestsBasic RateTable ClothsSteam TraysClean UpUtensils/
1-40$225$40 (Burgundy)$25 for 3$40$40 (40 max)
41-65$275$50$25 for 3$40NA
66-80$325$60$25 for 3$45NA

Lower Pool/BBQ Area only, not including Clubhouse – Rental Fee: $150.00
When the Lower Pool/BBQ area are rented in conjunction with rental of the Clubhouse, the rental fee is $50.00 in addition to the rental fee for the Clubhouse.

Refundable cleaning and damage security fee:  $150.00 due upon making rental reservation.

Payment of rental fees: One half (1/2) of the total rental fees together with the $150 security deposit is due at time of reserving the facilities with the balance due prior to actual use of the facilities.

Additional Terms, Conditions and Policies: Rental fees for the Clubhouse and/or Lower Pool/BBQ Area are for a maximum continuous time period of six (6) hours, including set up and tear down. A fee of $30.00 for each additional hour beyond that limit will be charged. Lower Pool/BBQ Area use must end by 9pm and Clubhouse use must end by 10pm. Please limit clubhouse noise levels and avoid playing loud music until after 6pm when the front office is closed. Use of the Clubhouse and Lower Pool & BBQ areas is subject to to all of the policies and terms set forth on this page as well as at our policies page.

Items the guest is responsible for providing:

  • All food and drink including beverages, coffee, creamers, sugar, sweeteners, ice, condiments, etc.
  • All paper and/ or plastic goods, utensils, plates, cups, pots, casserole/warming dishes, trash bags, etc. for serving, eating and cleanup.
  • Note: Ice is available in the front office for $2.00 a bag during office hours.

Decorating of the clubhouse: We welcome you and your group to decorate the facilities for your event.  Please observe the following guidelines:

  • Please provide all your own items for decoration projects.
  • Do not use anything that would leave holes or residues or cause damage to paint, walls, floors and/or counter surfaces.
  • Use only battery-operated candles: No open flames or real candles.
  • Clubhouse pictures and other fixtures must not be removed from the walls


  • Kitchen: Kitchen must be left clean and in the same condition in which originally found, unless clean up (see, above) has been arranged for and paid for in advance.
  • BBQ: Burners and gas line in cabinet below grill must be turned off when finished. BBQ must be thoroughly cleaned after use.
  • Coffee maker: Please make sure to clean the coffee maker when finished.
  • Trash: Please place all trash in provided containers and place in the dumpsters which are located directly across the parking lot behind the fence gates.
  • Decorations: Ensure sure all decorations that belong to the party have been carefully removed.
  • Failure to return the property to its pre-rental condition may result in charges against the cleaning and damage deposit.

Disclaimer: Wine Ridge RV Resort is not responsible for any loss, illness or injury resulting from the use of our facilities.
Acknowledgement and Agreement: By making a deposit for the rental and use of the facilities, the guest expressly acknowledges reading and agreeing to all of the policies and terms set forth on this page as well as at our policies page.

For more information or help with planning your upcoming group event or rally, please visit or call us at 775-751-7805.

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